Atonement as Kingdom Reality

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About Atonement as Kingdom Reality
Throughout history theologians moved beyond the doctrine of the atonement to develop various theories of the atonement, seeking to explain why it happened in the way that it did, particularly in reference to Jesus’ death. This eBook argues that the atonement should be viewed within the context of the kingdom of God, suggesting that such a way of viewing the atonement is in keeping with the larger narrative of Scripture and offers the possibility of seeing, through multiple images, what God has done through Jesus Christ as the focal point of God’s redemptive intentions for the whole of creation.

About KingdomPraxis Solos
KingdomPraxis Solos are individual content pieces that are too long to be an article and too short to be a book. Each Solo covers a pertinent theological concept taking the reader on a brief informational journey. They are short reads, usually about 30 minutes, which will provide you with pertinent information about the subject and interactive questions to help you start a conversation with your friends.

About the Author
Mike McNicholsMike McNichols is a native Californian, born when Harry Truman was still President of the US. He writes about theology and faith, but also creates supernatural thrillers that have an underlying theological question or two. His first novel, The Bartender: A Fable about a Journey, was a doctoral project and received a dissertation award in its category. A sequel is pending to follow This Side of Death, and another novel, Too Far Gone, will be released in 2013. A collection of short stories, Dark Ocean, was released as a Kindle book in March 2012. His most recent work, Atonement at Ground Zero: Revisiting the Epicenter of Salvation, deals with the death of Jesus and how it informs our thinking about Christian faith.

Mike has worked in education, business, and Christian ministry. He studied theology, biblical studies, and leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary and George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He currently serves as Director of Fuller Seminary’s California Coast Regional Campus in Irvine, California.

He is married, has two married daughters, and six grandchildren.

Have a Conversation
We would like to invite you to have a conversation with the author of Atonement as Kingdom Reality and with others who have read the eBook. At the end of the eBook there is a section called “What Do You Think?” which has several questions for interaction. Pick one and share your thoughts. Or, ask a question of your own.

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