Atonement: Exploring Its Mystery

About Atonement: Exploring Its Mystery
Central to Christian theology is the doctrine of the Atonement—“that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ.” (2 Co 5:19) But how does that occur? What were the prerequisites in God’s mind that must be met to forgive sin and affect atonement? Or were there any? The atonement is a mystery. What we can understand about mysteries is better expressed through metaphor rather than exposition. This eBook leads us into exploring approaches to appreciate, affirm, and appropriate God’s atoning work in Christ Jesus.

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About the Author
Ed CookEd Cook, D.Min., followed a twenty-year technical career in Information Systems with a twenty-five-year people career in Christian ministry as Church Planter, Pastor, and Theological Educator. His doctoral research and dissertation were on the topic of the holistic development of pastors and church planters in the emerging generations. He is now coaching, consulting, training, and writing as the principal of Care-Full Coaching. [ |]

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“I’ve discovered that my theological reflection produces better results when I make statements about the ‘what’ of a topic and ask questions about the ‘why’ or the ‘how’ rather than make statements about them. The ‘what’ of atonement is the reality that through the death of Jesus we have been reconciled [no longer separated from God but made ‘at-one-with’ him] to God by grace through faith. When I begin to insist on specific answers to the ‘why’ or ‘how’ the atonement was affected, I begin to assume I can unravel the mysteries of God. That seems just a little arrogant to me.”


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