The Vineyard – A Kenotic Community of the Spirit: A Missional Theology of Christopraxis

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The Vineyard, along with the entire North American church, faces a crisis. The crisis offers danger and opportunity as the culture becomes increasingly post-Christian. Revealed in the crisis, for the Vineyard, is the fact that the telos of our Kingdom Theology has been church growth, which by definition marries us to an attractional “place where” mentality. A corrective is needed and offered in a mission(al) theology, which moves the telos from church growth to disciple-making. Christopraxis requires this shift. The Vineyard, as a community of the Spirit, is uniquely positioned to act in this Christ-praxis and make this shift. The encouraging word from Jesus himself is that if we follow him into this praxis, he will build the church.

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About the Author
Jason SmithJason Smith is the senior pastor of the Mason Vineyard in Mason, Ohio. Mason is a fast growing ex-urb in the Cincinnati metro area. It is filled with Proctor and Gamble and General Electric employees and has been a church planter’s graveyard. With the onset of post-Christendom, it’s just getting harder! The Mason Vineyard, a twelve year old church, has lived, died, and is being resurrected in a missional way. Jason has a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary and is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in discipleship and mission at Northern Seminary designed in partnership with Mike Breen’s 3 Dimension Movements (3DM).

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