Expanding Our Theology of Worship: Moving Beyond Singing to Service

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Week after week, the faithful file in and out of the pews to attend worship services. An hour or even two hours later, they leave the sanctuary of the Sanctuary to re-enter the “real world” for another worship-less week until Sunday rolls around again. This article suggests we miss the mark when we see our life outside church as devoid of opportunities to worship God. Alfred Edersheim said it succinctly: “To the secular person there is nothing spiritual; to the spiritual person there is nothing secular.” This article leads us into exploring the need for and the shape of an expanding understanding of worship.

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KingdomPraxis Solos are individual content pieces that are too long to be an article and too short to be a book. Each Solo covers a pertinent theological concept taking the reader on a brief informational journey. They are short reads, usually about 30 minutes, which will provide you with pertinent information about the subject and interactive questions to help you start a conversation with your friends.

About the Author
Ed CookEd Cook, D.Min., followed a twenty-year technical career in Information Systems with a twenty-five-year people career in Christian ministry as Church Planter, Pastor, and Theological Educator. His doctoral research and dissertation were on the topic of the holistic development of pastors and church planters in the emerging generations. He is now coaching, consulting, training, and writing as the principal of Care-Full Coaching. [www.cfcoaching.org | ed@cfcoaching.org]

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